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Southern Illinois University Disability Support Services seeks to offer Online Continuing Education Coursework for Sign Language Interpreters. The 5-week training is available online with a flexible schedule to accommodate your needs. Through the use of DVDs, articles, video clips we will use Discussion Boards to analyze the work of interpreting with our peers across the country and even from other countries. 

These courses for Sign Language Interpreters seek to foster an environment of mutual respect that is free of bias and discrimination. 

Coursework is accessed through SIU Online. You will recieve an email confirmation when you register and a second email containing your username and password for SIU Online. 

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April 3 - May 7, 2023
In this course participants will analyze the meaning of terms unique to the medical field by studying root words, prefixes and suffixes, review body structures and the vocabulary of Pharmacology and participate in online discussions of ethical concerns in medical interpreting.
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Feb 13 - Mar 19, 2023
Through the use of videos, articles and discussion boards we will explore why we need teams and what makes a good/bad team. You will have the opportunity to assess your own interpreting style and how you fit into a team, how you handle the support role, the active role, switching and more. Interpreting in the digital world has changed how and when we work with a team from embarrassing moments at home to protecting the privacy of our clients. We will also discuss our role in the CDI/Hearing interpreter team, pre-interpreting meetings and how to evaluate the experience afterward. 
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Feb 27 - Apr 2, 2023
Idioms can be the bane of our existence. In this course we will analyze American Sign Language idioms and phrases. We will consider the cultural and ethical implications of their use while discussing regionalisms, accents and ethnicity and its impact on our interpreting. You will spend approximately 4 hours each week analyzing DVDs, articles and video clips and discussing your reaction to this material with your peers. Course flyer.