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Continuing Education and Professional Development

We extend the resources of the university beyond campus. By offering innovative experiences and opportunities, we promote personal and professional development through a variety of continuing education in-person and online classes.

SIU Continuing education online classesContinuing Education Online Classes

Explore engaging courses on hundreds of topics to help advance your continuing education and professional development.


Continuing Education has the ability to provide professional development hours for teachers and continuing education units in various professions.

SIU Speaking and Listening programSpeaking and Listening

The Speaking and Listening Program is a special continuing education program that gives an opportunity to learn to speak and/or understand the English language.

SIU Interpreter CourseInterpreter Courses

SIU’s Disability Support Services Sign Language Interpreter Courses are online courses designed to give interpreters online continuing education opportunities.

SIU Vet CertificationCanine and Feline Nutrition Certificate

The Canine and Feline Nutrition Certificate is an online certificate course for pet nutritionists, veterinarians, breeders, pet shop owners and enthusiasts for advance training and education in various aspects of canine and feline nutrition. View testimonies from past students.

SIU Intro to Glass BlowingIntroduction to Glassblowing Intensive

A 4-week studio intensive introducing fundamental techniques of glassblowing. Students will utilize traditional methods as a foundation for exploring glass as a material and its significance as an artistic medium.View testimonies from past students.

SIU Paramedic CourseParamedic Education Program (EMT)

The paramedicine certificate program is designed to prepare professionals to provide advanced emergency medical care and transportation to critically ill and injured patients. A paramedic requires greater levels of knowledge and expertise compared to an emergency medical technician basic, the general prerequisite to enter the paramedicine certificate program.

eng-techEngineering Technician Training Program

This program is designed to fulfill the need of the construction industry by training the underutilized but motivated adults to become entry-level technicians. The training will include classroom instruction, hands-on training in laboratory and field, and on-the-job training in the field.